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Most modern businesses today could not exist without reliable and secure email. But many don’t know how to protect it – trusting built-in features to keep their data safe from threats. Unfortunately, hackers are can easily bypass these basic security measures and significantly damage your business.

We understand the hesitation with the high cost of building and managing a redundant messaging infrastructure. Fortunately, with QSG email security solutions we’ve got you covered. We have invested heavily into our secure and reliable email infrastructure solution – so you only pay a low monthly rate with peace-of-mind protection.

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QSG Email Security Benefits

Spam Protection

Spam can be a serious problem for businesses, with 90% of cyber attacks starting with email*. Some may be harmless or simply frustrating, but most have malicious intentions that can dangerously impact your business security. QSG email security and spam filtering can be deployed as a cloud service or on-premise. Protecting you from malware, including imposter emails (BEC) and phishing – with granular email filtering controls to catch known and unknown threats that others miss. We process billions of messages each day helping us detect and protect better and faster before threats arrive in your inbox.

Email Encryption

Confidential data is always at risk. Prevent your information or intellectual property from being intercepted to maintain compliance with regulations and secure encrypted communications. We offer uncompromised protection and encryption with SOC 2 Type II certified data centers.

Imposter Email Protection

Block non-malware threats, such as business email compromises (BEC) in real-time. Imposter emails attempt to trick your employees into sending money, sensitive data and information for malicious intentions.

URL Guard

QSG URL Guard scans all incoming email URLs both when the email is filtered and again when the link is clicked to ensure advanced protection. Delivering accurate defense against all types and volumes of spam.

Business Continuity

Losing access to your email for even a few minutes can be extremely frustrating, let alone hours or days. We provide you with 24/7 emergency inboxes when your normal mail environment is not available, and email spooling with fail-over.

Email Archiving

As your business grows, you’ll likely face legal, compliance, or security pressures that require access and preservation of your email inboxes. Our email achive cloud solution delivers 100% data capture – including attachments – leading to simple and scalable storage and recovery. Our searchable central repository makes your emails easily accessible with self-service control for your legal team to export (to multiple file formats) and discover without the hassle of managing in-house. Compatible with leading email service providers such as Office 365.

QSG O365 Experience

Straightforward Management with Granular Control

No hardware or software installation required. Our approach to email security management is simple, cloud-based with automatic updates that gives your administrators access to both big picture threat detection and granular breakdowns for specific types of threats and frequencies. With deep-dive insights your team can easily comprehend the biggest threats to your business cybersecurity and include these in your security plans and decisions.

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"The reliability and security offered at the center made it an easy decision. We're looking forward to virtualizing our remaining servers at the center to provide 24/7 uptime for our applications. The reliability for our data lines has been 100% since implementation was completed."

 - KSI Kitchens

The staff is very knowledgeable and their response time is excellent. Every experience with their technicians has exceeded my expectations.

 -Quantum Ventures of Michigan

"They are doing an awesome job helping me with my website and have been very quick to respond to any questions. Thanks so much to the whole team!"

 -Prem M. , Arising Images

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