More than just a business phone – bring your employees and customers together with remote video conferencing and HD call audio from anywhere in the world.

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Phone System in a Box

Choosing the right phone system for your business is one of the most important investments you’ll make. If you’re currently experiencing dropped calls, low-quality audio, or simply ready to replace your outdated PBX – it’s time to make the switch to QSG VoIP’s unified communications. Easy to install with “plug-and-play” setup and jam-packed with enterprise-level features you’ll enjoy clear sound quality and convenience from anywhere in the world.

Easy Installation

  • Pre-configured templates for straight-forward integration with leading SIP Trunk providers
  • “Plug-and-Play” IP phone set up with for automatic configuration
  • Advanced security features including automatic updates and global blacklist
  • Supports Cloud or on-premise on Windows, Linux, MiniPC or Raspberry Pi systems

Robust Management Console

  • Create, edit and delete extensions and DIDs at the touch of a button
  • Upgrade IP phone firmware
  • Reprovision and reboot IP phones remotely
  • Import or delete contacts at once
  • Service-side CRM integrations

Advanced Security Hosted at QSG

  • Automatic detection and blacklisting of SIP Attack tools
  • Automatic global IP Blacklist
  • Encrypted traffic to VoIP apps
  • Encrypted voice traffic via SRTP
  • Automatic failover with instant backup
  • Restricted IP access to management console

QSG is a proud 3CX partner with extensive experience delivering stable and cost effiective VoIP solutions.

Founded in 2005, when VoIP was an emerging technology, 3CX has gone on to establish itself as a global leader in business communications.

With 3CX businesses can increase productivity, enhance customer experiences, while dramatically cutting costs and management headaches.

QSG is glad to assist with any 3CX related projects and is staffed with 3CX certified staff.

Trade in, Trade up

Using an outdated PBX? Trade in your old phone system for brand new equipment and streamlined service with QSG VoIP.

QSG VoIP Features


With QSG VoIP your customers can communicate in real-time with your team via chat, call, or video directly from your website. Included FREE with all contracts with no additional subscriptions or charges.

Employee Tracking

Keep track of employee phone calls and stats with phone call monitoring, dialing restrictions, and more!

Call Center

Increase sales and boost productivity with call center reporting, queues, CRM integration, and more. Easy to set up and highly customizable, you can take advantage of our other core features such as chat, employee tracking, and reports.

Call Conferencing

Set up conferences with direct invites from the dashboard. Clear HD call audio makes it easy to understand all participants.

Video Conferencing & Web Meetings

A work from home must – Create and join remote video meetings with up to 250 participants, share your screen, and collaborate at the touch of a button. Easy to set up and get started with high-quality audio and video.

Voicemail to Email

A convenient tool for frequent phone users – voicemail to email automatically converts your messages to text so you can choose to read or listen to the attached message on your schedule.

eFax with Digital Signatures

Digitally sign faxes for faster processing and convenience.

Security Suite

Straightforward and flexible deployment to our onsite data center keeps your data redundant and secure. Every QSG VoIP system includes built-in security to protect your PBX system from attacks.


Don’t have enough physical phones for everyone on your team? No problem! Take advantage of QSG VoIP softphones to answer calls anywhere in, or out, of the office. Easily view the status of your coworkers or launch calls directly from your CRM. Take advantage of our web app and extensions in Chrome or Edge, equipped with unified communication features

QSG Softphone VoIP Services

Mobile App

Take your office phone with you on-the-go, anywhere in the world. The QSG VoIP experience mobile phone app gives you crisp, clear audio, voicemail, and web conferencing – so you can confidently talk with clients no matter where you are.

Google Play and iOS

"The reliability and security offered at the center made it an easy decision. We're looking forward to virtualizing our remaining servers at the center to provide 24/7 uptime for our applications. The reliability for our data lines has been 100% since implementation was completed."

 - KSI Kitchens

The staff is very knowledgeable and their response time is excellent. Every experience with their technicians has exceeded my expectations.

 -Quantum Ventures of Michigan

"They are doing an awesome job helping me with my website and have been very quick to respond to any questions. Thanks so much to the whole team!"

 -Prem M. , Arising Images

More QSG Services Made Simple

Data Center

Pair QSG Data Center services with backups for an even more secure and reliable solution. Our privately owned, on-site data center will house your most important business systems to ensure reliability and compliance. Don't take the risk - store your data with us in our HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 certified disaster neutral facility.

Managed Services

We understand firsthand the IT challenges that come with business growth, multiple locations, and remote teams. QSG Managed Services gives you peace-of-mind when offloading your IT support to our team of industry experts 24/7/365.

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Trade-in, Trade-up

Take advantage of our trade-in trade-up program to upgrade your outdated PBX System
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