Michigan Data Center

Auburn Hills, Michigan

Trying to find the perfect place to store your data in Michigan? You’ve come to the right place.
Our Michigan Data Center is a secure state-of-the-art colocation facility that will meet all of your business needs and help you focus on your business.

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24/7/365 cooling, power, security, and network connectivity using the most prestigious brands in our field.


Regardless of the size of your company and how much space you’ll need: from one rack to custom configuration, our team will work with you throughout the process to come up with the best solution for your data storage needs. Our services and expertise are what drive the Quantum Advantage, and they’ll help propel your business forward.

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Year Built - 1994
Number of Floors - 2
Structure Type - Steel & Block
Ceiling Height - 10ft
Floodplain - > 500 year
Floor Loading Capacity - 150 PSF


CEU Count - 7
CEU Type - In-Row DX (Direct Expansion)
Total Cooling (DC Only) - 120 Tons
Redundant - Yes, N + 2
Vendor - Data Aire
Monitoring Controls - Yes + Rack Inlet Temp


UPS - Eaton
UPS Size - 275 kVA (expandable 1 MW)
Battery Type & Make - C & D, Absorbed Glass Mat
Battery Runtime - 10 minutes (full load)
Power Distribution - Liebert
Distribution Transformer Type - K-13
Generator - Taylor Power
Generator Size - 500 KW (1.0 PF)
Fuel Type - Diesel (Priority Fuel Agreement)
Available Power - 120 VAC, 208 VAC, 3-Phase
Power Loss > Battery > Generator - 5 seconds
Electricity Supply - DTE
Available Building Power - 1.5 MW


CCTV Records - > 90 Days
HID Card Access
Access Controls - Mag. Lock & Tamper Detection

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