Point to Point Connections

Secure Connections for Remote Locations

Point to point Connections (P2P) securely connect two or more locations together for voice or data transmissions over a private internet connection with ethernet data speeds. Because a P2P connection is not a shared connection it provides a secure and direct network path for each transmission without the need for data encryption.

Secure point-to-point connections are used by businesses to provide reliable and secure internet connections. For companies that depend on credit card processing, file sharing, data backups, point-to-point VOIP, video conferencing, and other high-bandwidth applications a point-to-point connection keeps their business running securely and efficiently.


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P2P Applications


Quantum PCI compliant point-to-point encrypted connections instantly convert confidential payment card data (credit and debit card) into indecipherable code at the time the card is swiped to prevent fraud and hacking. Engineered to maximize the security of your credit and debit card transactions in a world of growing data threats.


P2P circuits can be used to connect your companies locations together to enable both locations to be on the same phone system. This enables 3 or 4 digit dialing between locations. Keep your business connected using P2P circuits. We bill by the distance and bandwidth. Get a quote to learn more.


Sending large files over the internet can be slow and file services are limited. Quantum P2P connections give you the ability to share large files quickly without interrupting your business or slowing down your network connection.

Secure your Business Connection with QSG P2P Connections.