Private Clouds

Private Cloud Hosting for

QSG Private Clouds give you a high degree of isolation with complete control and customization of your data storage. The cloud provides you with a highly scalable and flexible solution for storing your business data. As with other cloud models we provide a virtual storage environment for your data using physical computing resources. However, with the private cloud, your these resources are only accessible by your organization – giving you greater control and privacy.

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Benefits of the Cloud


Private clouds implement higher level security with restricted access keeping your data safe from prying eyes.


Virtualized environments make your network more resilient to individual failures across your physical infrastructure. Private clouds ensure your data is accessible at anytime and redundant in the event of an emergency.


Implementing a private cloud can improve the allocation of your resources and ensure their availability at anytime. They are a cost saving solution to reduce management costs and physical hardware.

Get complete control and customization over your data storage