Disaster Recovery Planning

Be Prepared for any Emergency

Unfortunately you can’t control everything that happens to your business – whether its environmental damage, theft, hardware failures, or a simple mistake you need a plan for any situation. QSG offers disaster recovery services that work as a full backup of your IT infrastructure. We work with you to develop an emergency plan so your business stays in business. In the event of an emergency all of your data can be restored instantaneously to significantly reduce downtime and potential loss of revenue. In addition to Disaster Recovery planning we also provide a disaster recovery space where your team can physically come into work and connect to your business files.


Stay prepared with a our Disaster Recovery plans that are customized for your business and maintained by our expert team.

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Our Disaster Recovery Space

A disaster recovery plan is a documented process used to outline the procedures followed to recover and protect business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Most disaster recovery plans are documented in a written or electronic format throughly outlining their procedures. A disaster may be natural, environmental or man-made. Due to business’ dependency on technology to run day-to-day operations and transactions it is imperative that a thorough disaster recovery plan is put in place. If you do not have a disaster recovery plan and you are in need of developing one for your company give us a call to get started.

Get a Custom Disaster Recovery Plan designed to keep your business running.