Re-Opening after COVID

As “stay-at-home” orders are lifted and businesses begin to open up again we understand you’ll be faced with a new set of challenges. The QSG team is here to support small businesses by providing tech services that will ease this transition. From online forms to keep track of employees entering the building, to customer arrival tracking and IT support. We have solutions for you during this time.


If you need any tech assistance please reach out to our team. We are here to help.


We’ve included a list of services we offer and purpose-built web-apps that may be useful for your business during this time.

Keep track of Employee Symptoms and Arrivals with Online Forms: As employees begin arriving in the office again many businesses are keeping track of employee symptoms. A simple online form allows employees to answer a few questions that then emails their manager or team if symptoms are present. This is an easy way to see if someone is not well, and have them go home for the time being, to keep your staff healthy and safe.


Customer Email Notifications and Campaigns: Get in touch with your clients quickly and easily with email campaigns and notifications. Let them know when you are opening, updated hours, how you are exercising safety precautions, and how the re-opening process will work.

Restaurants and Service Industries:

Many restaurants are offering curb-side pick-up and will likely continue to do so as they slowly open their tables again. We have solutions for each situation.


Online Curbside Order Pick-up Check-in: When a customer has placed an order over the phone it can be difficult to track their arrival. With a simple website and click of a button they can notify your team they have arrived and you can quickly fulfill their order.


“Your Table is Ready” Text Notifications: With restrictions on seating as restaurants open many customers will be waiting outside before they’re seated. With text notifications you can easily notify a customer when their table is ready so they can comfortably wait in their car or outside without trying to find them by calling out names.

Brick and Mortar & Office Employees:


Paper Documents -> Virtual Files: With the risk of transfer from person-to-person higher with physical paper documents it’s likely more employers will being virtualizing files and processes. We offer a variety of file storage options and solutions to keep your processes going.


Online Stores and Payments: It is hard to predict how store openings will manage incoming customers and prevent overcrowding as eager shoppers wait at the door. Should another wave occur this could negatively impact customer traffic again. Don’t wait to get your business online to keep your revenue sources diversified during this time and into the future.


Appointment Scheduling: Many business owners haven’t been able to meet one-on-one with customers during this time, and moving forward it may be difficult to manage the influx of customers waiting for your services. Get a simple appointment scheduling system so you clients can easily see your availability and reserve their time slot.

Discuss your re-opening strategy with our team of experts