Working from Home

More and more businesses have gone remote in recent years to reduce costs and employ team members around the world. There are many benefits to remote employees but there are also many concerns for businesses that have just started considering remote work. We’ve compiled a list of considerations and recommendations while preparing your employees to work from home. While working through these preparations current customers that utilize QSG Firewalls or Phone Systems can be set up quickly. Those that do not use our Firewalls or Phone Systems can contact us to get started.



1 – Internet Connection:

The most important element for working from home is having a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection. If an employee is concerned about their internet speed they can reach out to their current provider to increase their speeds or to get further recommendations from their experts. Another consideration is the wireless signal throughout the house, if the signal is strong in each room or if specific rooms have the best signal. Ideally home offices or family rooms would have the best signals to set up their working area in.



2 – VPN Connections:

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that provides security and privacy when connecting to the internet. Normally, at home, employees will connect to the internet through their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Browsing information through an ISP is monitored by your provider, often looking for malware or hacking attempts. From a business perspective you want access to this information to be confidential. Sometimes this information includes employee or client proprietary data, financial records, etc. Utilizing a VPN creates a secure tunnel that keeps this business information private. This tunnel connects directly to your business network and allows employees to access share drives and business data from the comfort of their home with the security of being in the office. Setting up and granting VPN access is a relatively simple process and is one of the best ways to secure your data. If you are using QSG services already contact us for a VPN set up.



3 – Office Phones or Phone Apps:

Some remote employees have an office phone at their home, while others use a mobile app on their cell phone. Both are excellent options to retain communications outside the office. The benefits of the office phone is its dependable speaking clarity if your network connection is reliable, likewise for a mobile phone app, if you have great cell coverage the quality will improve. Depending on your access to high quality internet or cell phone signals the desk phone or mobile phone may suit your needs better.



4 – Messaging Communication

It’s important to remain connected to your team and co-workers despite working from home. We recommend utilizing a messaging system such as Microsoft Teams or Slack to streamline communication throughout your business. This will decrease phone calls and emails and improve response times and collaboration.

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