The Benefits of QSG Managed Services

September 4, 2020

Reducing IT costs and the demand for experienced technicians has raised awareness for IT Outsourcing – hiring an external company, like QSG, to provide IT services that support your business, application, and infrastructure operations. Fortunately, outsourcing IT doesn’t have to mean letting go of your current team, for many small businesses outsourced teams can assist with overflow, consulting, and higher-level problems to free up your technicians to manage on-site problems.

Let’s work together – Here are some advantages our QSG Team has to offer your on-site technicians:

Uninterrupted Service –  Take advantage of our on-site data center for Backups and Disaster Recovery solutions that keep your business running 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.

Vendor deals with Expanded Resources – We work with industry-leading innovators to provide you with the best services for the best prices with partner and bulk discounts. We also have quick access to vendor support teams and have dedicated contacts at most major providers.

Peace-of-Mind support – You can rest easy knowing your toughest IT problems get extra support from our team whenever you need us. We’ll ensure we get to the root cause of your issues quickly with prompt resolutions to keep your business running and stress low.

Guaranteed Compliance – We are both SOC 2, Type II and HIPAA compliant. Each year these audits require a significant amount of time to maintain for review. When you choose our services we guarantee you’ll pass your audits as we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.

Disaster Recovery – Your data is the foundation of your business. Keeping it safe with reliable backups ensures you don’t lose precious time and data in the event of an emergency. Natural disasters and power outages are some of many disasters that could happen and cause significant loss for your company. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) stores your data in our secure SOC 2, Type II and HIPAA compliant data center.

We understand firsthand the IT challenges that come with business growth, multiple locations, and remote teams. QSG Managed Services gives you peace-of-mind when offloading your IT support to our team of industry experts 24/7/365 becoming the perfect compliment to your on-site experts.

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