Dedicated Hosting

Ultra Fast Performance, Security, & Control

Dedicated hosting gives you full control over your infrastructure and delivers the ultra fast performance you’ve been waiting for. Built-to-order we give you complete control over your server resources and configuration.


Quantum Dedicated Hosting has been engineered as the perfect hosting solution for any size business. Whether you are a small business with a 5 page website or a large enterprise with 1000+ pages we can provide the high speed hosting platform you’ll need at an affordable cost. We make it easy to get started with our hands-on support team keeping you up-to-date along the way.

Additional bandwidth and storage available! For additional information request a custom quote.

Enhanced Performance

Advanced Security

Customizable Design & Configuration

24/7/365 Support via Phone or Email

Enhanced Performance

Dedicated Hosting gives you full performance of your dedicated servers storage, memory, and networking. Customize your server to get the best configuration for your business.

Custom Design

Customize your dedicated server solution for high performance for even the most intensive applications.

Advanced Security

No more noisy neighbors – your single-tenancy server is completely dedicated to your system with all server resources utilized directly by your applications.

Automated Backups

Nightly incremental QSG Automated Backups keep your data safe from emergencies.

Say Goodbye to Noisy Neighbors – Get dedicated hosting for all of your business needs.