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Work with our team of experts to alleviate the stress of technology management. QSG Consulting reviews your infrastructure and processes and makes recommendations to build an IT roadmap with the best path forward.

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Technology that Works for you

As your business grows the demand for reliable and secure technology increases. Without enough knowledge in IT infrastructure it’s easy to make mistakes that can significantly impact this growth.

We believe IT should improve your business operations and enable further success rather than restrict its progress. Take advantage of our 30+ years of experience helping businesses just like yours plan and prepare for exponential growth for years to come.

30 + Years of Experience

Since 1990 our team has been working with growing businesses, like yours, to provide reliable long-term tech solutions for their toughest IT challenges.

IT Roadmaps & Strategy

We believe in the power of planning. Spending time with your team to develop the best IT strategy for your business and following it through from implementation to maintenance.

Real-time Monitoring & Automation

 Streamline and simplify technology for your business with automated patching, device monitoring, and proactive resolutions.

IT Project Management

Organized and effective project management insures each task is implemented and completed on-time with step-by-step communication and support.

Reaching Milestones with Reporting

A well executed plan is only part of our IT Consulting solution, without further reporting and monitoring it’s impossible to tell if our efforts continue to achieve long-term success for your business. That’s why we feel it is so important to implement proper monitoring and maintenance to ensure all KPIs and milestones are met.

Building your IT Roadmap

A perfectly executed plan is much easier said than done. With so many moving pieces and granular business operations to consider it’s an overwhelming task to take on by yourself. Our team of experts works with your IT team to develop a strategic IT roadmap that prepares for and monitors your success. 

Business Productivity

Take advantage of everything technology has to offer. In our IT consultation, we’ll find pain-points within your business that can be remedied with technology to streamline your processes and improve workflows.

Business Continuity

Peace-of-mind security in unpredictable situations. IT consulting prepares you for emergencies and natural disasters with our suite of disaster recovery services and security solutions

Planning to Implementation

We go beyond planning and see you through implementation, reporting and monitoring. After a thorough IT roadmap is developed between our teams we begin implementation. This frequently requires a variety of our services, most often including:

Backups & Recovery

Backups ensure your data is always accessible and redundant in the case of an emergency, hack, or accident.

Managed Services

Our managed services give you peace-of-mind helpdesk support, disaster recovery, monitoring and maintenance 24/7/365.

Security Solutions

Network, email, and antivirus security solutions protect your data throughout its lifetime with secure access from anywhere in the world.


Keep your employees connected around the world and in the office with our unparalleled unified communications.

Is technology helping or hurting your business?

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your current IT infrastructure to develop your IT strategy and roadmap.

"The reliability and security offered at the center made it an easy decision. We're looking forward to virtualizing our remaining servers at the center to provide 24/7 uptime for our applications. The reliability for our data lines has been 100% since implementation was completed."

 - KSI Kitchens

The staff is very knowledgeable and their response time is excellent. Every experience with their technicians has exceeded my expectations.

 -Quantum Ventures of Michigan

"They are doing an awesome job helping me with my website and have been very quick to respond to any questions. Thanks so much to the whole team!"

 -Prem M. , Arising Images

More QSG Services Made Simple.

Managed Services

We understand firsthand the IT challenges that come with business growth, multiple locations, and remote teams. QSG Managed Services gives you peace-of-mind when offloading your IT support to our team of industry experts 24/7/365.

Data Center Services

Our privately owned, on-site data center will house your most important business systems to ensure reliability and compliance. Don’t take the risk – store your data with us in our HIPAA certified and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant disaster neutral facility.

VoIP Phones Systems

Choosing the right phone system for your business is one of the most important investments you’ll make. If you’re  experiencing dropped calls, low quality audio, or simply ready to replace your outdated PBX – it’s time to make the switch to QSG VoIP’s unified communications.

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