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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s face it – every one of us wants to rank first on Google and a lot of marketing agencies guarantee they’ll get you there. Unfortunately, that’s an empty promise we see too often. Without effective SEO paired with ads, getting ranked #1 for the keywords you want is difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We work with you to determine high quality keywords with an effective marketing strategy to get you on page 1.

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Targeted Marketing that Works

Website Optimization

Having a “fast” website isn’t enough to rank highly. A long list of requirements must be met to ensure your SEO efforts aren’t wasted. We ensure all standards are met, if not exceeded – so your website is flawlessly fast.

Targeted Ads

When paired with SEO paid ads, pay off. Set up custom to your needs we write, monitor, and refine all paid ads to ensure they keep the leads coming.


Get monthly marketing reports from our team so you know exactly where your efforts stand. Not only does this hold us accountable but it also keeps you updated on your progress. We don’t hide behind our reports, marketing is trial and error, especially in the beginning. We give you the honest results of our team efforts to celebrate or refine our success.

Email Marketing

Reach your target audience with special offers, deals, and incentives directly to their inbox. Professional email templates and quality content writing help you get more clicks, website visits, and calls. Paired with reporting we can see how well you perform against those in your industry and who your top readers are.

QSG O365 Experience
QSG Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest…the list goes on and on. Do you really need to use all of these platforms? We’ll help you find out. Not all businesses benefit from each platform whereas others excel. We work with your strategy to determine what best suits your industry and target audience. Then we schedule, write content, and keep the posts active to constantly engage your audience.

"QSG goes above and beyond, providing our team with constant support, and making valuable contributions. We owe the success of our website to the QSG team!"

-Danielle T., Peninsula Wealth Group

"QSG has always been very attentive to my needs and any problems that have arisen. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend QSG."

-David R. Gillingham , Composer, Professor Emeritus

" They are doing an awesome job helping me with my website and have been very quick to respond to any questions. Thanks so much to the whole team!"


-Prem M., Arising Images Photography

Grow your Business with QSG

Web Design

You’ve worked hard to grow your business, we’ll work hard to grow it further. Pair QSG Marketing with our web design services for a beautiful custom designed website that fits all your needs. 



Your brand is who you are. Whether you're looking to start a new business or rebrand - we've got you covered. Get logo design, print materials, and web content made specific for you.  

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